Fol-But offers a diverse selection of stretch films that are necessary for stabilization and protection of cargo during transport and storing. The stretch film wrapped around a cargo stabilizes it perfectly as well as protects against dust and moisture during keeping a given cargo in a warehouse. The transparent stretch film is recommended for every type of storing. Thanks to its transparency it is possible to identify a specific cargo. Apart from it, its characteristics make it really resistant to tearing and piercing. We also offer a black stretch film, not only to secure a cargo but to conceal its content as well, which makes it possible to transport expensive goods like television, radio and domestic electrical appliances discreetly. The black stretch film is incredibly flexible which makes that it sticks to a cargo easily, stabilizing it and giving the guarantee of its stability.


  • Highly stretchy
  • High force of spot puncturing
  • Good adhesive properties


  • Average thickness – 23μm
  • Density – 0,918 – 0,920g/cm3
  • Width – 500mm
  • Guaranteed stretch – 150%
  • Force of tearing – 24 N (along) 12 N (across)
  • Lengthening while stretching – 190 mm2 (along) 360 mm2 (across)
  • Maximum force tension – 41 MPa2 (along) 18 MPa2 (across)
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